My Wedding Day

 Roger and I had met as a result of a post online, while I  was checking my posts  he started talking to me.  I had just been through a fairly bad experience, with both my first marriage and the relationship I had afterward.  Anyway we talked for a while and I finally agreed to meet him the following day, living in Little Rock I had discovered that they have a problem with pests, so I told him I would meet him in Jacksonville AR at the Lowes store.

I was a little nervous, but we met at the store the first time I was impressed with his well gentleness. He seemed so kind and was on his best behavior, when during the course of our conversation he found out that the brakes on my car were getting poor, he offered to replace them for me.  Something about him reached to me, causing me to trust him, so I followed him to his shop and he fixed my brakes for me.  After he got finished with the car, we sat on his front porch and talked for a couple of hours.  This was the beginning of the most important portion of my life.


With my history I was a little leery of trusting anyone again with something as important as my heart, I had had my trust betrayed several times and I was not big on romance at first, but I was lonely and I desperately needed a friend. We had virtual marithons of rummy games, talking getting to know each other, becoming what I fondly feel as friends first.

I was slowly falling in love with the most gentle man I have ever met.  We spent as much time together as possible, the only time we spent apart was when I went to my parents house.  After I returned from that trip, Roger was extremely quiet for a couple of days, then he said he wanted to go with me the next time I went, because he wanted to get to know my parents, because it was his hope that  we would get married.  I said I would be happy to marry him, as soon as I my divorce was final.

On November 15th, 2011 I resumed my maiden name of Rains.  We were Married on December 8, 2011 and I was the happiest I have ever been in my life.  We had driven up from Jacksonville on the day before, that night we were both so excited it was hard to fall off to sleep.  The morning of the wedding we got up and dressed and went to the courthouse, the two of us.  No one was free so it was just the two of us to go to the do the deed. We went to the court house paid the fee for the marriage license and then sat in the hallway at the courthouse until the justice of the peace could be found. Roger and I probably had the most unadorned wedding since the first time I tied the knot, but this time I never missed the trappings, because it wasn’t the ceremony itself that mattered, it was who I married  that was important.